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Types of incidents

  • Covid-19

    Submit a report for individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19, experienced fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell.

    Report an Incident
  • Injury

    Submit a report for individuals with damage to the body.

    Report an Incident
  • Battery Event

    Batteries catching fire and/or smoke.

    Report an Incident
  • Spill

    Release of a pollutant to the ground, water, or air. Examples include an oil leak in one of the Apple fleet vehicles.

    Report an Incident
  • Drone

    Drones crashing into buildings, people, or the ground, or flying too close to an airplane.

    Report an Incident
  • Emergency Response

    An unexpected situation that may require emergency services, like a fire in a building.

    Report an Incident

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