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Low Hazard Location

A low hazard location is an area where serious potential health or safety hazards are not routinely present. Examples of low-hazard locations include:

Such areas do not require Work Alone procedures, although it is always good for others to know if you are anywhere on Apple premises alone.

  • Offices, conference rooms and common areas
  • Light labs (use of audio equipment, device testing, etc.)

Potentially Hazardous Tasks

A potentially hazardous task involves operations that a worker could be exposed to a health or safety hazard that has serious and immediate consequences to the individual's safety or health.

Tasks of concern include:

  • Pouring, handling or mixing chemicals
  • Work on live electrical circuits
  • Work at heights above 3 feet, including ladder use
  • Work with class 3B or 4 lasers
  • Activities on pressurized systems or cylinders

Potentially Hazardous Locations

Potentially hazardous locations house operations that a worker could be exposed to safety or health risk by being in that area.

Locations the require consideration to Working Alone precautions are:

  • Chemical Labs and processing lines
  • Electrical rooms and labs
  • Roofs and areas with elevated platforms
  • Class 3B and 4 Laser Labs
  • Machine shops with saws, mills, laser cutters, presses and punches
  • Warehouse operations using forklifts and other powered industrial trucks and lifts
Such areas will require review of work alone procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, office areas are low hazard locations.  It is a good idea if someone knows you are there in the vent something happens.

The hazards determine the precautions, not the duration.  Contact EHS to learn if there are controls you can use to get your work done safely.

Your actions matter

Work Alone Policy

Employees working on Apple sites alone should understand the locations of concern and tasks considered hazardous.  Read the policy to get informed.

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