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  1. Determine Affected Employees

    This program applies to all personnel who work on or around equipment at Apple facilities with hazards like electricity, pressurized systems, chemical lines and moving parts. The main concern is preventing injuries caused by the unexpected start-up or release of stored energy.

  2. Evaluate Hazardous Equipment

    Lockout/tagout is required for service and maintenance personnel if the service work could lead to machinery movement or release of energy. Employees who are authorized to perform service and maintenance tasks as well employee who use the equipment need to understand how hazardous energies are controlled. The need is to prevent unexpectedly start up or appear and cause injury as detailed in Section Six, Hazardous Energy Types and Control Methods.

  3. Develop LOTO Procedures

    Equipment specific procedures are used to clarify how to prevent a machine from unexpected start-up or release of stored energy. Examples of hazardous situations including movement of a robot arm, dropping of a heavy press, release of pressurized gas ,or accidental discharge of hazardous voltage.

  4. Obtain LOTO equipment

    The LOTO procedures will identify locations and devices needed to lock out and block of energies. The control devices, locks and tags isolation devices must be unique to only LOTO, so that the are easily recognized. The devices used to cover plugs, switches and other components that turn on machinery must be durable and difficult to remove or defeat.

  5. Train Affected and Authorized Workers

    There are three training programs for control of hazardous energies:

    • Course #EHS-2410 (Hazardous Energy Control for Affected or Other Persons) - for Apple employees whose job requires the operation or use of a machine or equipment
    • Course #EHS-2400 (Hazardous Energy Control for Authorized Employees) - for Apple employees who lockout and tagout energy control points for a specific machine or equipment to perform service or maintenance
    • On-the-job Equipment-Specific Procedure Training for “Authorized Employees” - Managers can use the equipment-specific written procedure templates (see document section of this webpage) to document this training
  6. Perform Lockout and Tagout

    The authorized Employee doing the maintenance or service work must follow the LOTO procedure for the equipment to ensure the equipment is off.

    • The energy is verified to be removed.
    • The isolation device, lock and tag are applied.
    • The keys for the lock are held by the person performing the service tasks only.
  7. Verify Effectiveness

    Before starting service or maintenance work, the Authorized employee must attempt to restart the equipment. This validation step will ensure no step in the LOTO procedure was missed. Once the “off” state is verified, the service or maintenance work can be performed

  8. Return to normal equipment operation

    The last step in control of hazardous energies is ensuring all affected personnel know the equipment is being energized. This is done by the employee who locked out the equipment as that is the only person who can turn the equipment back on.


Apple SCV Hazardous Energy Control Program

Apple Elk Grove Lockout / Tagout Program

LOTO Training EHS-2410

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