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  1. Request a Laser Evaluation

    Any employee planning to acquire new lasers must notify and receive approval from the LSO. Laser hazard evaluation and classification will be performed for determination of appropriate control measures. The following information must be given in order for a laser to be considered for approval: 

    • Wavelength Laser Power (Watts), or Energy (Joules);
    • Beam size (mm), which can be round or rectangular;
    • Divergence angel (mrad);
    • Laser type (Continuous Wave (CW), Single Pulsed or Repetitively Pulsed);
    • If pulsed, Frequency of pulse (Hertz) and Duration (Seconds); and
    • Laser class during operation, maintenance, and service.
    Laser Hazard Evaluation (LHE) Form
  2. Determine Laser Classification

    At Apple, Class 3B and Class 4 lasers must be registered through the Laser Safety Program. A Laser Hazard Evaluation (LHE) form must be completed and approved for all Class 3B and Class 4 lasers prior to operation. The LHE form is available under the "Request a Laser Evaluation" section of this page.

  3. Schedule an Eye Exam

    Baseline eye exams are required for all personnel working directly with Class 3B or Class 4 lasers. A list of participating clinics is available under the "Eye Exams" section of this page. Select "Laser Eye Examination Process" for more details. 

    Laser Eye Examination Process
  4. Complete Training

    Laser safety training is required for workers working on or around Class 3B and Class 4 lasers. They must take the web-based safety course EHS-2100 annually. The lab manager shall also ensure that the users be trained on specific operation of the laser system.


Apple Laser Safety Program

Your actions matter

Establishing a safe laser lab

Planning a laser lab?  EHS can partner with you to establish a lab with proper control measures.

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Operating Laser Labs

Once you laser system and space is set-up, use these protocols to operate your laser safely.


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Protect your eyes

Eye injuries are a real risk with laser use.  Ensure you are getting the medical exams and protective equipment you need.

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Safeguard Contractors and Visitors

Ensure others are safe to enter a laser lab or laser use area.

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