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Hierarchy of Controls

Work from elevated surfaces shall be accomplished without risk of falling to a lower level. This goal is achieved by adhering to the following fall protection hierarchy of controls:

  • Remove the hazard: Avoid working at heights. Bring the work down to a lower level or ground level whenever possible
  • If work at heights is unavoidable, secure the elevated work area with a passive fall prevention barrier system (such as guardrails) to prevent falls.
  • When a barrier system is not feasible due to physical characteristics of the work environment or the infrequency of access, install and use an approved personal fall restraint system.
  • If no other option is feasible, then a properly engineered and approved personal fall arrest system can be used in conjunction with a fall rescue plan. Personal fall arrest systems are meant to protect an employee who may lose balance and fall from an unprotected elevated work surface.

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Take Fall Protection Training

There are a number of EHS courses to help employees work safely at heights:

EHS 2800 - Fall Protection, EHS 2800C - Fall Protection Equipment, EHS 2800T - Fall Protection Checklist, EHS 2820 - Fall Protection and Harness Use, DCO 2820 - Fall Protection and Harness Use, EHS 2825 - Fall Protection Equipment Inspector

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