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  1. Complete New Equipment Planning Checklist

    The requestor of the equipment is expected to complete the first section of the New Equipment Planning Checklist accurately and to the best of their ability. Next, the lab manager completes all applicable fields. EHS does the third section. The last section belongs to Facilities. If anyone is unsure how to answer a question, it is better to leave it blank and discuss with the requestor, the lab manager or EHS rather than make assumptions. 

  2. Review Equipment Changes Checklist

    The Equipment Changes Checklist is used when a modification is made to an existing piece of equipment. These changes can be made internally or through a vendor. This applies to off the shelf equipment and equipment designed for or by Apple. Examples of changes include the additions, removal or modifications to hardware, software, circuits, chemistry, optics, facility interface or equipment settings/ operation. Like-for-like changes do not need to be identified.

  3. Send out Supplier EHS Requirements

    The Supplier EHS Requirements Determination documentation is completed when Apple is purchasing an off the shelf piece of equipment. This document goes to suppliers who are building or providing equipment to be used at Apple facilities. This equipment is not being designed or built by Apple.

  4. Start the Internal Equipment Safety Compliance Checklist

    An Internal equipment Safety Compliance Checklist is required to be completed for each piece of equipment designed and built by Apple. This checklist serves as a guideline for designing safe equipment.

  5. Initiate the External Equipment Safety Compliance Assessment

    The External Equipment Safety Compliance Assessment in needed when equipment is being built by an external supplier/vendor/Contract Manufacturer. This document is sent by the Apple personnel purchasing the equipment to suppliers who are building equipment for Apple facilities for completion (whether designed by Apple or the CM). This equipment is not being built by Apple, rather it is simply being purchased by Apple. It is highly recommended that this assessment be completed during the design phase when feasible. This will help minimize design changes and potential delays. It must be completed prior to equipment being brought onsite to an Apple facility.

  6. Begin the Equipment Installation Safety Sign-off process

    The three levels of Equipment Install checklists are required to be completed before equipment can be operated within an Apple facility. The first is for preparation of equipment install, the second is prior to power-up and the last is prior to full operation of the equipment. Depending on the complexity of the equipment, many sections in any one level may be not applicable. These checklists must be completed in order by the Equipment Owner, EHS, Facilities Engineering and Construction Management.

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Understand the Equipment Safety Process

Tools and equipment make our work possible and faster.  The hazards the equipment can present must be robustly controlled.  Review the equipment safety program and flowchart to understand how you can choose, purchase and install equipment with low risk of injury or incident.

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