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Chemical Information

The first step in chemical safety is to understand the hazards and characteristics of the chemicals we use.  The basic source of information for any chemical is the Safety Data Sheet that is produced by the chemical manufacturer.  EHS is working to provide more reference information and sources to understand the environmental, health and safety impacts with chemical choices and use.  Check in whenever you need chemical information as new references are planed for upcoming quarters.

Chemical Review and Approval

The key to Lab Users and EHS partnering on chemical safety is the chemical request and review process.  By getting proper review, we can make the best choices for chemicals and implementation of precautions.  Chemical review helps EHS monitor the types and amounts of chemicals in labs, and that is key to complying with codes and regulations.  That compliance is the essence of doing the right thing with chemical choices.

Your actions matter

Understand Chemical Hazards

Start by reviewing the Safety Data sheet for your chemical.  Apple’s SDS app has a library of thousands of chemicals available to you.  The link will also provide instructions on how to obtain SDSs for new chemicals that are not in the system.

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Request Chemical Review

Request a review of a chemical so you understand all the hazards and the controls needed for a chemical you wish to use.

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Control Chemical Risks

Review information about how chemical exposures and risks are controlled. The categories for control are:

Engineering Controls

Administrative Controls and Training

Personal Protective Equipment

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Report Chemical Issues

Find out what to do in the event of a release of a liquid, gas or even solid hazardous materials.  Learn about chemical spill prevention, preparedness, reporting, response and recovery processes.

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Ship Chemicals

Apple will do our part in ensuring transport of chemicals by road, air, sea or rail is done with minimal risk of release.  Understand how chemicals are safely transported within a building, how to move chemicals by vehicle and what can and cannot be shipped overseas.

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Dispose Hazardous Waste

Need a waste can?  EHS can arrange for your waste to be properly characterized, get you disposal containers, and arrange for safe and compliant removal.

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