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Labs are central to innovation.  Our team is here to help make work in the labs easier and safer, and ideally better for the world around us.  We can assist with managing chemicals, providing laser eyewear, or make your lab equipment install a little easier to do.  Explore these links to find out more about hazards and controls associated with the technology you use.   Reach out to your EHS Lead with any questions or request for support. 

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Request Lab Supplies

EHS can help you get the lab cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment to protect you from COVID or the hazards in your lab.  Send us a request and we'll work to get you what you need.


Request An inspection

Inspections can help lab users understand hazards and controls in labs, or inform Lab Managers on the effectiveness of controls in the lab spaces.  Contact you EHS to discuss inspections and learn what is right for your lab.


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