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Be ready for the next disaster

Disasters can happen unexpectedly and can force you to evacuate or shelter in place.  Would you be prepared if the water, gas, electricity and telephone service were cut off? 

Now is the time to prepare.  Just by following these four steps, you’ll be done in no time:

Learn what to do

Find out what is going on in your work and home community by signing up for community emergency information messages, Apple Emergency Alerts, learn threats in your area and add emergency disaster apps.

Create a plan

Discuss, develop and exercise an emergency plan with those in your care. Work together with neighbors, family, friends and others to build community resilience. Your community or local government emergency management website can provide helpful information tailored to your area.

Build a kit

Keep enough emergency supplies to last you a minimum of five days and up to 2 weeks on hand for you and those in your care including water, non-perishable food, first aid, prescriptions, flashlight, batteries, battery-powered radio and extra power pack.

Visit The Source for discounted kit(s) available in your area or build your own. 

Get involved

Apple offers Emergency Response Team training, such as CPR/AED and First Aid to employees at several of their sites.  To find out more contact the local EHS or ERT Coordinator for information.

Your actions matter

Build An Emergency Kit

Build a kit, make a plan and be prepared for emergencies at home, in your car or at work.

Learn More

Sign Up for Apple Emergency Alerts

Get real-time alerts for disasters in your area.  If you reply to an alert message with request for help, Global security will respond as quickly as possible.

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