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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can impact the safety of your family, friends and colleagues along with our facilities and business operations.  Some disasters provide limited to no warning and immediate actions may be required to increase your safety and protection.  Be aware of the different natural hazards that may impact you and learn steps you can take to help you safely respond if needed.


An earthquake is caused by the breaking and shifting of rock beneath the Earth's surface. Ground shaking from earthquakes can collapse buildings and bridges; disrupt gas, electric, and phone service; and sometimes trigger landslides, avalanches, flash floods, fires, and huge, destructive ocean waves (tsunamis).

Earthquakes strike suddenly, violently, and without warning. Additional earthquakes (aftershocks) often follow the main shock at equal or less intensity. Most earthquake-related injuries result from collapsing walls, flying glass, and falling objects.

What to do before?

  1. Ensure large heavy objects are stored on the lowest possible shelves and not above work areas.

  2. Keep space open under your desk so that you can drop, cover and hold on if needed.

  3. Ensure bookcase and shelving is secured firmly to the wall.

  4. Know multiple evacuation routes to your assembly area for after the main earthquake stops and there is a need to evacuate.

Your actions matter

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