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  • Commute to work
  • Public Transportation
  • Keep your distance

Commute to work

If you cannot work from home and you cannot drive yourself, take the following precautions to commute safely.

  • Wear a reusable face mask when in public and for the duration of your commute.
  • If you must take a ride share, sit in the back seat and avoid pooled rides. Try to sit 6-feet/2-meters away from the driver if possible (i.e., in vans).
  • When arriving at work, wash your hands with soap and water prior to sitting at your desk. Use hand sanitizer with 60 to 85 percent alcohol if soap and water are not available.
  • Do not touch your face or remove your face mask during transit until you can clean your hands after arriving at work.

Public Transportation

If you must use public transportation:

  • Avoid crowded transportation. Consider changing your schedule to a less busy time.
  • Your mode of public transportation may have changed their routes or schedules and may be using new measures to protect passengers and drivers. Familiarize yourself with what to expect beforehand.
  • When using turnstiles, try to use your backpack, hip or back of your hand.
  • When in line and boarding public transportation, keep your distance.
  • Once you’ve boarded, keep a distance between seats and wear a face mask at all times.
  • When standing on public transportation, try to use your body or backpack to brace against the wall or use other techniques to reduce holding onto handles (unless needed for stability or safety).
  • Carry hand sanitizer with a mixture of 60 to 85 percent alcohol.

Keep your distance

Be mindful of creating physical distance between others and yourself.

  • Avoid elevators.
  • If you can’t avoid crowded spaces, try to congregate with others that are taking better precautions such as wearing face masks and practicing physical distancing.
  • Increase physical distancing when possible from anyone showing visible signs of potential sickness including coughing, sneezing or from anyone not taking precautions including not wearing face masks.
  • If commuting with multiple stops before your destination, try to avoid sitting or standing near doorways where more people may be coming or going in close proximity.
  • If you are taking the train or subway, try to use less crowded cars.
  • Limit using public restrooms and congregating in crowded spaces.

Your actions matter

Sign up for COVID-19 testing

Learn more about Apple’s optional weekly COVID-19 testing program.

Get Tested

Report a COVID-19 Incident

If you’re working onsite and have tested positive for COVID-19 — or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms — either you or your manager are encouraged to report it.

Report an Incident

Complete at-home health screening

Complete the screening day before you depart for any Apple office or store. Otherwise, you will be required to undergo an Onsite Daily Health Screening upon arrival.

Complete Screening

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